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From self expression to gaming and customer service Magic Unicorn provides superior, optimizable, and scalable 3D avatar technologies powered by deep learning and advanced computer graphics algorithms.
Built using the proprietary data set of over 20,000 3D face scans collected by Magic Unicorn over 3 years.
Avatar can be automatically created by taking a single selfie.

  • All processing is done by a host device.
  • No server load, no privacy concerns.
It takes less than a second on a dated low-budget mobile device to fit a face shape, skin color, hairstyle, eyebrows, eyelashes, beard, mustache, and many more elements.

No need for tiresome manual setup.
Everything is customizable though. There is an extensive library of facial features and accessories. Each of them is perfectly fitted to any face shape by the special algorithm.
There are hands
for better expression
And bodies
And they are
customizable too
We use a FACS-based animation system which encodes face deformation as separate muscle movements. It can be driven by several means
Everything is done on the fly by our custom built video-to-animation system. Key features:
  • Face and landmarks detection (mobile and PC)
  • Real-time high quality facial expressions tracking at 60 fps
  • Head position and angle detection
  • Small model size
  • RAM and GPU memory efficient
By face tracking
Our speech-to-animation technology is the only one available working on mobile at the moment.

Key features:
  • Generalizes to different languages and people
  • Real-time high quality voice-based facial expressions animation on mobile devices
  • Head angle and wink voice-based animations
  • Small model size
  • RAM and GPU memory efficient
By audio
Animator-friendly face and body rigs are available for Maya and Blender with a single click export scripts.
By hand
There is a large set of personalized stickers
All are animated
Some work for two people
Non-human characters are also supported and provide some degree of personalization
Streaming features
Duplex stream audio with realtime facial animation metadata for avatar
Opus codec for hi quality in-game voice chat
Serverside relay packet validation
Possible both peer-to-peer and unicast way streaming
Broadcast physics events for distributed physics calculations